Who Is Alexis Avila From Hobbs New Mexico?

Alexis Avila is an 18 years old, convicted felon. 

The lady from Hobbs, New Mexico is currently the most searched account on Facebook. Meanwhile, her social media account is unavailable at the moment. 

She is the mother who tried to get rid of her baby. Per her confession, she mentioned giving birth in another location and placing the baby in a dumpster. 

In addition to that, she was also caught dumping her baby in the surveillance video. Perhaps, because of the case, her image has not been made public at the moment. 

Baby Found In Dumpster & Mugshot On Facebook

Someone informed the police about the baby in a dumpster on Friday, January 7, 2022. 


Upon arrival, the officers rendered aid to the newborn baby. The baby was immediately taken to the hospital. Per the report, the nearest hospital was around four miles away from the location where the baby was dumped. 

Luckily, the child, however, is now reported to be in stable condition. 

Alexis Avila Arrest Charges And Jail Sentence: Where Is She Now? 

She has been charged in connection with an attempt to murder her newborn baby. 

According to the reports, The incident took place on Friday around 8 P.m in New Mexico, approximately three miles from the Texas state line. As soon as the complaint was filed, the paramedics were summoned to rescue the newborn, and was taken to a Lubbock, Texas, hospital.

Reportedly, the child’s situation, however, is stated to be stable. Upon the investigation, the mother of the child, Alexis Avila, was identified after investigators used security video.

Later, she confessed to giving birth and discarding the child, according to police. As a result, Avila will be indicted in Lea County District Court.