Bamify is a famous content creator and streamer. Ascertain the Real name of the Twitch streamer Bamify in the article below.


@Bamify is a full-time streamer from California. The Junior in college streams Monday to Friday and plays Fortnite, Call of Duty, Apex, Krunker, etc.

Except for these games, he has an interest in playing football and basketball as outdoor games.

Learn more about the Twitch Streamer Bamifu’s real name, age, Wikipedia, net worth, and more in the following article.

Twitch: Bamify Real Name

Bamify loves to go by this name and has not revealed his real name to date.

His regular viewers on Twitch and YouTube frequently ask him for his name but, he does not seem interested in talking about it.

However, his current name Bamify has a different story in itself. In his Twitch account, he stated that he loves the Flinstones and, his mom used to call him Bamm when he was a kid. So, he went with Bam.

Apart from this interesting fact, he has never spoken about his original name and goes with the pseudonym.

Probably about time to announce it… But i am officially out of the content creation gaming scene. I love you guys so much but for my health, it was killing me mentally.

Thank you too everyone who has ever been there for me. It’s not a goodbye… it’s a see ya later

— bam (@Bamifyy) June 19, 2021


How Old Is Bamify? Age Revealed

Unlike other Twitch streamers, Bamify has written about some of his details on his account.

According to the same content, he is 21-years old. He studies Art, Business, and Public Speaking in his college.

Although he gave us his age, he has not spoken about his actual date of birth. Maybe in the upcoming days, he will communicate about it too.

Is Bamify On Wikipedia

As we can see, there are not many Twitch Streamers on Wikipedia. Following the same trend, Bamify is also not on the official webpage.

However, some other sites on the Internet speak about Bamify. The most we can learn is from his social media accounts. 

He is accessible on Twitter, YouTube, Discord, and many more. Unfortunately, his Instagram account is currently deactivated. For now, let us hope he brings it back on track in the upcoming days.

He is under the user name Bamifyy on Twitter with 5943 followers.

What Is Bamify’s Net Worth

Bamify has kept his net worth confidential. 

There are many sources through which he makes his earning and, most of them are from online gaming platforms and donations.

Similarly, YouTube also equally helps him in earning money. He has about 5k subscribers on YouTube and almost 15k followers on Twitch.

Moreover, he is also on TikTok, hence, an additional way to increase his wealth.

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