Who is Chairman Comer (politician)? – Chairman James Richardson Comer Jr. chairs the Oversight Committee. 


James Comer was elected to Congress in 2016 to represent the 1st Congressional District, which covers 35 counties from the Mississippi River to Central Kentucky.

As chair of the Oversight Committee since 2023, James Comer has declined or halted investigations of former President Donald Trump, instead focusing on President Joseph Biden and his family.


Joe Biden’s “connection with his family’s overseas partners, as well as if he is a president who is compromised or swayed by foreign funds and influence,” in particular.

James Comer revealed in March 2023 that he had concluded a House probe into Trump’s financial practices.

Who does James Comer represent?

James Comer is a Republican who serves in the United States House of Representatives, representing the state’s first congressional district.

James Comer was a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives from 2001 through 2011.

From 2013 to 2015, James Comer served as Agricultural Commissioner.

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