Who Is Chrissy Stewart? Meet Matt Stewart Wife

Chrissy Stewart is the privacy-loving wife of the celeb journalist, Matt Stewart.

Despite being acquainted with a media personality, Chrissy has mostly stayed away from the limelight.

Thus, not much can be said about her at the moment. She works as a dietician at Children’s Mercy.

Likewise, Chrissy had mostly resorted to not speaking in media until a tragedy hit her.

Hence, she has become more friendly with the camera and the interviewers as she shared her cancer diagnosis story.

Chrissy Stewart Cancer Diagnosis Details

Chrissy Stewart was diagnosed with a rare and terminal cancer in 2021.

She was diagnosed with angiosarcoma originating from an ovary hence, she has been given less than a 5% chance of living more than 10 years due to cancer.

The Stewart couple took it to their social media to aware people of the diagnosis and also garner support for Chrissy.

#StewartStrong has received positive feedback from the netizens as they are supporting Chrissy in her cancer journey.

Chrissy Stewart Age: How Old Is She?

Chrissy Stewart’s current age falls around her 40s by scanning through her pictures.

However, the exact insiders into her age and birth date are still into consideration.

She and her husband, Matt appear to be of the same age, per our close sources.

Meet Chrissy Stewart Kids 

Mrs. Stewart is a mother to a total of three kids from her union with her reporter husband.

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Jackson, Alex, and Madeline are the Stewart children.

They are all school-going children who often appear on Matt’s social media handles, especially Instagram.

The Stewart children are very supportive of their cancer-fighting mother.