Darcy Wilmot, with his superb lockdown abilities and aggressive style of play with the ball in hand, is another defensive option that fits the Lions’ current roster with his uncompromising attack on the ball and resolves. If Sinn is unavailable, he could be the next best option.


Wilmot, with his exceptional lockdown skills and aggressive style of play with the ball in hand, is another defensive option that complements the Lions’ current roster with his relentless attack on the ball and resolves. If Sinn is unavailable, he may be the best alternative.

Moreover, the athlete has managed to earn a huge fan base with his unique skill and talent. He had won many valuable awards in his profession as an athlete.

Who Is Darcy Wilmot?

Darcy Wilmot is a famous athlete who rose to fame after Playing AFL ( Australian Football League.

Darcy Wilmot is hopping to follow in his father’s footsteps ( Source : afl )

The Lions have a tremendous hand with two first-round picks. The Dockers have two top-10 picks, while the Tigers have picked 7, 15, 26, 27, and 28.

A package of 14 and 18 might land a late top-10 choice, but Lions scouts will be blown away by the talent at the end of the first round.

Josh Sinn will be a terrific pick if a halfback is needed in the future.

The Sandringham Dragons star was expected to be a top-five choice at the start of the year, but lockdowns and injuries cut his draft year short.

Sinn is a driving force out of the back 50, with speed and penetrating left boot of a Jack Crisp. He can also play in the midfield, although he already has suitors in the first round.

Darcy Wilmot Age and Height: How Old Is He?

Darcy’s precise age, height, and weight have not yet been released.


Jacob van Rooyen could be an excellent choice for some critical position depth.

He showed his abilities as a critical defender at the State Championships, but he also looked good as a forward who relies on his toughness and excels in marking contests.

Brisbane is still in contention for a championship, but there are some elderly players and a lack of depth in key areas that can be addressed in the 2021 AFL Draft.

Melbourne showed in 2021 that young players like Trent Rivers and Jake Bowey could win it all, and the Lions should look for guys who can contribute immediately.

There is a defensive void between Daniel Rich and Brandon Starcevich. Kaidan Coleman has shown flashes of promise in the second half, but with Rich reaching 32 next season, it’s an area that could use some reinforcement.

The Lions would benefit from a ruckman to complement mid-season recruit, Kalin Lane, as injuries highlighted a deficit in key forward stocks last season, which might be addressed in the draft.

With some thin stocks in a few places, the Lions can afford to go with the best available alternative and are in an excellent position to develop their young talent.

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Darcy Wilmot Girlfriend Or Partner

Darcy Wilmot has not disclosed any information about his girlfriend or relationship on social media.

Van Rooyen’s partner Jack Williams is a late-round pick who could assist the Lions land future significant forwards. He’s a big-bodied contested mark who can play secondary ruck and attack the football.

Campbell Chesser remains in the late-first round, but injury and lockdowns limited his impact in 2021. He’s a big hitter with a lot of U16 experience, and he’s also shown leadership characteristics.

Josh Goater, a fantastic athlete who has the potential to become anything at the next level, is a late first-round option.

He’s not as easy to play as Sinn, Wilmot, or Chesser, but his versatility as a midfielder or running back is intriguing.

Toby Conway could be the best prospect to replace Lane as a future ruckman.

The big man is active in the ring, has a high aerobic profile, and has remarkable disposal for his size.

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