Denis Asamoah is one of the people known by dating famous YouTuber. I find some people very lucky because they just get fame by dating famous people. Denis is all over the media and the credit goes to his YouTuber girlfriend. If he was in a relationship with a normal person, normal in a sense not famous then he would not get recognized by the people. Since he is dating a YouTuber so he is getting attention because of her fame. Now let’s know more about Denis.


Denis’s Fiance Jackie Aina

Denis and Jackie are officially engaged. They announced their engagement through their Instagram page. And they have posted lots of pictures of the proposal. Moreover, Denis took his girlfriend to the trip on Santorini, Greece to celebrate Jackie’s 32 birthday. And denis thought it was the right time to make a move. So, he proposed Jackie at the same time and gave her a beautiful surprise. Nowadays they are doing their wedding plans but the details are not available.

Denis Asamoah’s Age is missing while Jackie is 32 years old

What’s the age of Denis Asamoah? We don’t know the answer. He has never revealed the information about his age and stuff. However, we can say that he is in his late twenties or early thirties. At least we have that much sense to make such guesses. However, we do have the birth details of his YouTuber girlfriend. Jackie was born on the 4th day of August 1986 in Los Angeles. So by calculation, we can say that she is 32 years old as of 2019. Furthermore, she belongs to the Nigerian ancestry.


Denis Asamoah Net worth

The actual details on the net worth of Denis Asamoah are still unknown. But I am damn sure he is really rich. How do you know? This might be your question. I knew by looking at the pictures of his proposal to his girlfriend. He has proposed her with a huge diamond ring. A normal person cannot afford to have such a huge diamond ring. Moreover, the proposal took place in the private rooftop in Greece. It had a beautiful direct view of the sunset. Dude! He has done lots of effort into this proposal. This kind of proposal is a dream for most of the girls. They also want the same but what to do, we cannot afford to do such a thing. Check this out. Look at this picture, isn’t the preparation amazing? A big heart made with a burning candle rose petals all over it. Look how gorgeous they look together.

Who is Denis Asamoah?

There is no proper introduction to Denis in terms of his works and stuff. He is known to the people as the boyfriend of the famous YouTuber Jackie Aina. You must have seen him in most of her youtube videos and must have recognized him. However, according to some websites, Denis is an influencer, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. He also seems to be a model or stylist in his own right. Seeing his pictures on his Instagram, his posts are very good. And he also has more than 40k followers on his Instagram. So he must have to be someone who is good at something to have such amount of followers.

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