Ehire Adrianza is a Venezuelan-American professional baseball shortstop who plies his trade in Major League Baseball for the Atlanta Braves. Prior to playing for the Atlanta Braves, Ehire Adrianza played for the San Francisco Giants and the Minnesota Twins.


Ehire Enrique Adrianza Palma was born in Venezuela to Ehire Sr and Nitza, and he is aged 32. Although Ehire Adrianza lived mostly in Venezuela, he has naturalized to become a citizen of the United States.

Ehire Adrianza won the 2014 World Series with the San Francisco Giants. Ehire Adrianza has made 21 home runs, 0.244 batting average and has made 142 battled runs.


Who Is Ehire Adrianza’s Wife Vielimar Monserrat?

Ehire Adrianza is married to Vielimar Monserrat. Ehire and Vielimar walked down the aisle in 2006 and they have a daughter whose name is not known. There is little information about Vielimar Monserrat available to the public.

What position is Adrianza?

Ehire Enrique Adrianza Palma plays as a shortstop.

What happened to Adrianza?

Ehire Enrique Adrianza Palma has naturalized to become a citizen of the United States and is eligible to play for the US national team.

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