Gypsy Gita is a spiritual healer and masseuse. He is best known for working for the billionaire businessman, Jeffery Epstein, who died in 2019. Moreover, Gita has also worked with a number of Hollywood celebrities. He is currently the manager and CEO of Gita Wellness Center. 

Besides, he recently revealed that he has also known Prince Andrew. They have met three times and he gave him massage on two of those occasions. However, Gita doesn’t seem to be the fan of the Brtish Prince. As per The Sun, Gita found Prince Andrew a bit strange, arrogant, and “off” in some way. Here is everything you need to know about this spiritual guru. 

Name Gypsy Gita
Age 70
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Nationality American
Profession Spiritual Healer

10 Facts on Gypsy Gita

Gypsy Gita is an American spiritual guru and fitness expert who has worked with a lot of Hollywood celebrities, including Prince Andrew of Great Britain. Moreover, the spiritual healer is around 70 years old at the moment. He has been practicing spiritual for more than 2 decades, However, he is yet to have a Wikipedia biography to be dedicated to him. During the period of early 2000s, Gita worked as a massage therapist for then Millionaire businessman, Jeffrey Epstein. Unfortunately, one cannot find his bio on web portal sites. But recently a few articles are broken down when he spoke about Prince Andrew. Gypsy Gita admitted that he didn’t like the personality of the British Royal prince. ‘As per his interview, they have met for around 3 times and he had provided him massage twice. As of now, he owns a fitness center called, Gita Wellness Center. It is mostly focused on spiritual stuff. As for his family, the facts about his wife or children are not available. Similarly, he has quite a net worth as he has worked with high-class personalities. His estimated net worth would be around $5 Million. 

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