Doral teacher Heiry Calvi who was relocated to another Miami Dade School, has been arrested for inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old boy.


Let’s dive into the core of the matter with new information.

Heiry was a Doral teacher who was arrested on Friday when she was in her car with the victim and two other minors where she answered that they all came from a birthday party.

A gun was found in the car, and she was charged for carrying the firearm with no seemingly palatable license of herself to its control.

Who Is Doral Teacher Heiry Calvi?

Heiry Calvi was a Doral teacher at the reputed John I. Smith K-8 Center. She was arrested on October 8, 2021, after she was found guilty of the accusations made in March.

Heiry was arrested for having carved inappropriate conduct with a 15 years old boy.

Heiry has been charged with multiple crimes after her Friday arrest, including possession of a firearm in school premises, ill-conduct with minors, lewd and lascivious battery, and authority complaints against child molestation.

Heiry arrest was made when she was driving back home after attending a birthday party at a local banquet. The victim and his two friends joined her.

The school family and the victim’s parents were shocked at that interaction, and they expressed grave concern about not being said anything in advance.

The school committee filed the initial March report after some of the students spoke to the governing authority/administration about the explicit and nude photographs the victim boy shared with them.


The tarnishing image of him naked with his teacher was too much for the naive students who were appalled at the teacher’s diabolic image.

Why was Heiry Calvi Arrested? Inappropriate Relation With Student Exposed

Heiry Calvi from Doral School was arrested, and she is facing multiple charges against her comprising of improper action, immoral and ill-conduct to minors. A student filed a complaint from high authority regarding her activities and possessing a firearm in the school perimeter.

Since the allegations first surfaced in March, Heiry was relocated to another suburb school, and investigation continued.

Heiry, after her arrest, revealed that she had sex multiple times with the kid, and it was always consensual.

The Miami-Dade teacher now, Heiry had no previous ill-disciplinary reports/history.

How Old Was Heiry Calvi? Age and Charges Faced By The Doral Teacher

Heiry Calvi is 41 years old teacher from Doral School who later relocated to Miami Dade in March.

She was arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with a 15 years old boy and other minors.

She was also charged for carrying a weapon in the school perimeter after being tracked in her car and caught having the gun in the vehicle.

She later reported that the weapon was her husband’s and always left in the car.

Heiry has been in jail since October 8, and she has been facing a $19000 bond since her arrest.

She will be behind bars for long solid years for this conduct, although her attorney information is yet to arrive.

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