Joel Van Der Loon is a reality TV star who has participated in the seventh season of the reality show Alone featured in History.


Alone is a competition series on the History channel in which ten contestants were followed separately as they self-document their journey of surviving alone in the most dangerous locations worldwide for as long as possible.

In the journey to the Arctic of Alone reality show, he took Saw, Bow and arrows, fishing line and hooks, snare wire, Axe, multi-tool, Ferro rod, pot, sleeping bag, and gill net to survive as the survive can only take ten items with them.

This TV star is the owner of Primitive skills school, where he teaches families, children, celebrities, and the military about wilderness survival. Also, he learned this skill from Hadzabe hunter-gatherers, Maasai herdsmen, and Rama Indians in Nicaragua.

Who Is Joel Van Der Loon’s Wife?

Joel Van Der Loon is married to Leah van der Loon, and the couple has one son together, living in Central Oregon since 2018.

The reality star has not provided any information about dating his wife and marriage date in any interview or social media posts as he likes to keep his personal life secret and peaceful. Also, he wants people to know him by his profession.

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However, he likes to spend his free time hunting and camping with his family. Lately, they went to pick mussels where they get seafood like spearfishing, fishing, and cray fishing, according to his Instagram post.

Joel lives in Sisters, Oregon, with his wife, son, and dog. Attending the Alone reality show is his dream come true as he watches the series all the time. With this opportunity, he was connected with land for an extended period and pushed himself to his mental and physical limits.

His wife was also very supportive when he attended the reality show and expressed her love and support to her husband. The couple looks happy together as they support and respect each other.

Joel Van Der Loon’s Career And Net Worth

Joel Van Der Loon has an estimated net worth of around $1 million to $5 million through his Primitive skills school.

Based onTuko WebsiteandWikipedia, only the winner of this show will get the prize amount of $1 million, but the participants will not get any money for their surviving days in the show as they only get fame from this show.

But, Joel couldn’t survive the 100 days challenge in the show and couldn’t win the prize money but won the audience’s hearts. So, Roland Welker became the season’s winner as he was the last contestant to survive the challenge.

As the reality TV star owns the primitive skills school, his estimated earnings are around $10,000 to $50,000 per month. Also, over the years, his net worth will expand as he becomes more famous and popular.

Joel Van Der Loon’s Wikipedia Biography

Joel Van Der Loon, who experienced bushcraft from childhood, is around 35 to 40 years of age as of now.

As he grew up in South Africa and lived off-grid in Tanzania, East Africa, he has a lot of experiences in bushcraft as he hiked, hunted, fished, and explored every type of ecosystem when he was in Africa.

Moreover, he is trained in desert, alpine, jungle, and temperature survival methods. Due to these experiences, he opened a primitive skill school to teach families, celebrities, children, and the military about wilderness survival.

According to theHistoryChannel, he learned primitive skills from the Hadzade hunters-gatherers, Maasai Herdsman, and Rama Indians from Nicaragua.

Furthermore, when he was offered a contestant in the Alone season 7 series, he expressed his feeling by saying that it was an amazing opportunity to show his skills in that area that sees very little presence with the excellent safety blankets.

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