Kip Vehorn from Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity at Virginia Tech has landed himself in a controversy. Did he get arrested?


A petition got started to remove Vehorn from the Virginia Tech Campus. He allegedly sexually assaulted a fellow student. The petition was created for the survivors to be heard within the Virginia Tech campus and community.

The page was started by Lauren Willemin to Virginia State House, Dean of Students, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg Mayor, Blacksburg Vice Mayor, and Tim Kaine. So far, around 2000 out of 2500 people have signed the petition.

Who Is Kip Vehorn From Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Virginia Tech?

Kip Vehorn is a student at Virginia Tech who sexually assaulted a fellow student, Campbell. People on Twitter have said that there should be a zero-tolerance policy for such kinds of behavior in the first place.

Vehorn is active on Twitter under the username @kip_vehorn. He joined the platform in July 2014 and has over 4.5k tweets. His account is private, and he might have done that after the controversy.

As there is little to no consequence for sexual assault crimes most of the time, the records of assault at schools are increasing every day. The petition of will be shared with the Dean of Students, faculty, and staff members at Virginia Tech.


Kip is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity at the campus. The lack of acknowledgment of the severity of the situation is preposterous. No student deserves to go through what Campbell had to experience.

Vehorn is still a student at the campus, and Virginia Tech is yet to publicly take any action.

Sexual Assault Case: Is Kip Vehorn Arrested?

Kip Vehorn is not yet arrested in the sexual assault case. In the recent events concerning him, people want to do the right thing and protect the people at Virginia Tech. The petition was started so that the survivors will be heard in the community.

Sexual assault is a crime, and people want him removed from the campus. Allowing Vehorn to continue his studies at Virginia is the spit in the face for the victim, women on the campus, and the community.

People on Twitter believe that if people like Kip continue with their behavior without a consequence, it only says that the campus does not care enough about the students to protect them from harm and death.

What Is Kip Vehorn Age?

Kip Vehorn’s age might be in his early 20s, as he is an undergraduate college student.

The details about Vehorn’s parents and family are yet to be revealed to the media. Neither of his parents has come forward to talk about the controversy.

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