Who Is Lucydasshh on Tiktok? Viral Cheating Video

Lucydasshh is a famous TikTok celebrity who also works as a hairstylist and has a salon in Brooklyn, according to sources.

She has released a video while traveling when her lover was telling a lie on the backside after rising into the spotlight with her clip, which is now leaking on the websites.

He continued to speak with an unidentified lady whom he wished to contact as fast as possible, and he even promised her a date of January 12th, 2022.

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The boy had no idea that Lucy was listening to everything because his conversation was red by her.

This is why when people see the clip, their surprising responses come to the surface, but apart from that, everybody wants to know all there is to know about the viral incident.

Lucydasshh Boyfriend Name Revealed


Lucydasshh is yet to reveal the name of her boyfriend until now. 

One can see how she was watching her boyfriend talk with that lady as he was going to nap in the clip she recently uploaded.

The famous TikTok star was well-versed in all, so she uploaded videos of his activities with the entire world. As quickly as the clip went popular on the internet, it attracted a massive response from viewers.

Almost 8 million people have already seen the TikTok video, and over 151 thousand fans have followed her on the platform. However, no information about her boyfriend appears, leading to a rush of queries for his name.

She is active on Instagram as lucydassh.

Lucydasshh Real Name Uncovered: Meet Her On Reddit And Twitter

The real name of Lucydasshh is Lucy Dash. We could not locate her Reddit and Twitter accounts as of now. 

Her birthday is March 14th, 1998. Lucy is a Pisces and she lives in Brooklyn, New York, with American identity and a black racial origin.

She had a couple of thousand fans from the start, but her viral video footage has given her a massive following.

From the start, folks assumed it was just a cap and a way for her to gain fame through social media. The second segment of the clip, which arrived hours after the first, surprised everybody.

@lucydasshh #fypシ #viral #viralvideo #foryou ♬ original sound