Luiza-Mariya Rousinova is a lady who had passion in rower. Luiza-Mariya had played many rower championship.


Luiza-Mariya’s favorite sport, the rower, is also called crew in the United States of America; it is the sport of racing boats using oars. This sport differs from paddling sports in that rowing oars are fixed to the boat using oarlocks; at the time, paddles are not attached to the boat.

However, the rowing tournament at the 2022 Summer Olympics took place in Tokyo around 23 and 30 July 2021 at Sea Forest Waterway in Tokyo Bay. This rowing event featured 14 events, seven for both men and women in identical boat classes.

Moreover, many countries participated in this tournament. Luiza-Mariya seems like she is also interested in participating in these sports. She had uploaded many pictures related to the Rowing Olympics.

Who Is Luiza-Mariya Rusinova?

Luzia-Mariya is a Rower who has professional skills in boating.

Luiza-Mariya Rusinova was born on 30th December 1991 in Sofla. Rusinova is a boater who might have played early in many competitions and tournaments.

Luiza-Mariya’s parent’s Details are yet to be revealed on social media and the internet. However, she seems to have wonderfully supportive parents supporting her career.

However, Rusinova had kept her personal life private from the internet and social media. Besides, she kept all of his photos private on Facebook and might feel less comfortable uploading them on social media sites.

Furthermore, Luiza-Maria has a pet dog similar to the dalmatian breed. She had commented her dog is the happiest dog in the universe. Rusinova’s dogs look so healthy that she cares for them a lot.

Luiza-Mariya Rusinova Age


Luiza Mariya Rusinova was born in 1991; as of July 2022, she is 33 years old. Her Networth is yet to be revealed on social media and the internet.

Boater seems like a secretive person who loves to keep lots of secrets. Maybe she might not have revealed her Net worth because of her secretive nature and want to keep it private.

Moreover, after watching Rusinova’s photos on the internet, it looks like she has a good lifestyle. It seems their parents are too supportive of her career, and she might not have a boyfriend yet.

However, there is not much more information about Luiza Mariya Rusinova on the internet. She might have kept her life secret and doesn’t want to share it on the internet.

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Luiza-Mariya Rusinova Instagram

Luiza-Mariya Rusionva Instagram is yet to be revealed on the internet. She might not have an Instagram account as of 7th July 2022.

Rusinova looks like she is more active on Facebook rather than on Instagram. Rusinova has recently uploaded the post regarding best wishes to Kristian Vasilev for getting the second position in the world rowing cup.

Moreover, Luiza Mariya mentioned she is currently living in London, United Kingdom. The Boater Facebook is followed by 956 till now, which might be changed later.

Furthermore, Luiza Mariya had kept most of her photos private on the Facebook account and might not have an Instagram account till now. Rusinova hasn’t mentioned her education, job, or bio-data in her Facebook accounts.

However, it can be figured out that Rusinova likes to keep his personal life private. She doesn’t like to share her photos and her details with others.

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