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Who Is Magnus Midtbø? 10 Fascinating Facts To Know About Him

Magnus Midtbø is a Norwegian rock climber who is known for reaching great heights as a climber both literally and figuratively. The climber, though retired now, began his journey as a climber at a very young age.


Midtbø reached a high grade of Redpoint 9b, on-sight 8c, and bouldering 8b. He has also won medals such as the 2013 Cali World Games and 2011 Chamonix and 2012 Kranj World Cup competitions.

Who Is Magnus Midtbø?

He was born Magnus Rognan Midtbø on the 18th day of September 1988 in Bergen, Norway. He was born to a father known as Tor Midtbø and has a sister named Hannah Midtbø. He had his primary basic education and even high school in Bergen before moving to Innsbruck in 2007.

The young lad tried the regular sports common to Norwegians at the time but wasn’t impressed. As soon as he tried climbing for the first time, he got hooked to the sports. Midtbø began his climbing streak after being signed up for climbing courses by his mother at the age of 11. Now, he spends most of his life living free, traveling, and climbing for the fun of it as he truly loves to live.

10 Mindblowing Facts About Norwegian Climber, Magnus Midtbø

1. The Beginning Of Climbing For Magnus Was An Accident

Magnus refers to the beginning of his career and passion as an accident that happened some twenty years ago. He said that he accidentally began to climb and as soon as that happened; he fell in love with the sport.

He then devoted his life to it and put a lot of work into it. Soon after, he began to make a living out of climbing and it was a dream come true for him. Midtbø has taken part in both national and international climbing competitions and spent about 16 years competing internationally.

2. Why He Retired From Climbing Competitions Early

The Norwegian climber retired from professional climbing in May 2017 because he felt fulfilled. He felt he had achieved all he wanted and there wasn’t anything more for him. He stated that, unlike other climbers who needed competitions in order to feel motivated, he didn’t.

Midtbø gets motivated by just climbing for himself and not for any serious cause. The climber enjoys climbing heights and reaching new feats for the fun of it and for the passion he has.

3. Magnus Midtbø Founded A Climbing Gym

The same year he retired from competing, he and some friends founded a climbing gym. The former climber and a few other people found the ‘Oslo Climbing Center’ in Norway.

He may have retired from competing in the sports but he hasn’t totally left the scene. He still enjoys climbing outdoors and away from the public.

4. His Sister Is Also A Renowned Climber

Hannah Midtbø is, just like her brother, a seasoned climber. She was born in 1990 and took up sports professionally as well. Hannah even won the Nordic championships in 2006 and has taken part in quite several competitions.

5. He Suffered Backlashes For A Climbing Feat

Sometime in 2016, Magnus posted a picture of him hanging from one of the most dangerous peaks in the world. The ‘Trolltunga’ or ‘Troll Tongue’ is notable for being quite unsafe to be on. It was reported that a 24-year-old Australian student named Kristi Kafcaloudis fell off the cliff to her death.


As a result of the photo, the climber has been called out for giving other (possibly) amateur climbers the terrible idea of attempting a similar act. Although Midtbø put out a warning for people not to try it, the local police were still worried that other climbers may still nurse the idea.

6. His YouTube Channel Has Peaked The Highest A Climbing Channel Has

Rognan Midtbø has a YouTube channel that has been running since 2011. He began posting vlog series of his climbing streaks from 2017 and then developed to posting workout-related videos.

Magnus has over a million subscribers on YouTube and this surpasses EpicTV with over 3 hundred subscribers and Adam Ondra with about 320,000 subscribers.

7. Midtbø Magnus Is In A Relationship

Magnus and his girlfriend Marte (Image Source: Instagram)

33 year old climber has been in a relationship since sometime in 2019. He is in a relationship with Marte Knibe Fiskaa who he shares an apartment. According to the former professional climber, his girlfriend helped him overcome certain habits. He admitted to being stubborn and introverted but thanks to Marte, he is now living a different life.

Before this relationship, he was said to have dated a fellow climber from the United States of America named Sasha DiGiulian.

8. He Loves To Travel

Apart from climbing freely, Magnus loves to travel. This is one of his passions as he loves to live freely and go wherever he wants. Citing reasons why he chose to retire from competing, he mentioned that he’d love to travel and climb open and free locations on his own terms.

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9. Magnus Midtbø Had An Eating Disorder

When he started off his career as a professional climber, Magnus Midtbø plunged himself into habits that became quite difficult to escape from. In a bid to look like other competitors, he thought it best to lose weight.

Along the line, he became hooked on his habit and lost about 10 kilos in one year. This was due to his poor eating habit. Although he noticed he had taken it a little too far, he struggled to stop amidst intense fatigue and weakness.

10. Midtbø Has Achieved Some Notable Feats

Midtbø is one of the key developers who introduced the world to a Norwegian cave known as Flatanger. His first visit to the cave was in 2011 after he had heard of it for a while. Upon his visit, he became captivated by the cave and plowed routes to the cave.

Having a knack for route development, Magnus and a group of friends worked the route and developed lines that top climbers continue to seek to date.

In addition to this, the fun-loving sportsman made his hardest ascent to date in 2010. He admitted that the ascent was difficult, but he surpassed the ascent of Daniel Andrada in 2007.

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