Who Is Maritza Collado Masvidal? 

Maritza Collado Masvidal is the ex-wife of MMA Star Jorge Masvida.

She is a professional mixed martial artist from the United States. She has been a professional competitor since 2003.

Jorge Masvidal has gained attention as he accused his wife of cheating.

After everything between her and her husband, she has completely disappeared from the media.

Masvidal and Kawa were together for around ten years before splitting up in 2019.

Is Maritza Collado Masvidal Remarried? MMA Star Jorge Masvidal Ex Wife Update on 2022

People wanted to know if Maritza Collado remarried after the tragedy. There is no official word on whether she has remarried, but a source claims she isn”t divorced.


According to Colby Covington, Maritza Collado is still legally married to the Gamebird. He further stated that Maritza is Masvidal’s biological mother and that BMF’s marriage to ex-wife Iman Kawa was a hoax. Maritza Collado is the mother of his children and the wife who is still listed on the marriage certificate today – they haven’t divorced yet.

The information has yet to be validated.

She has been entirely absent from the media; therefore it is unknown whether she is married or in a relationship.

People want to learn more about Maritza through social media, but she isn’t active on any of them.

She has remained entirely out of the spotlight and has stayed away from the media.

Where Is Maritza Collado Masvidal Now? Net Worth Explored

Maritza Collado must be in the United States, as her hometown, but nothing about her is known.

She was blamed for cheating. Many people disagree with Covington’s assertions, especially given Masvidal’s public relationship with Iman Kawa and the lack of information about Maritza Collado.

Chaos, according to fans, is conducting yet another publicity ploy by hiring an actor to play Masvidal’s wife. “Fake news, Colby is back,” one admirer said

As a professional mixed martial artist, she must be worth around $1 million, but her exact net worth has yet to be revealed.