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Who Is Michael Weatherly’s Wife Bojana Jankovic?

Who is Bojana Jankovic? Photo by affair post


Dr. Bojana Jankovic, well known as the wife of popular American actor Michael Weatherly who played the role of “Anthony DiNozzo in the famous drama NCIS.

The 38 years old doctor was born in Serbia in May 7, 1983 but moved with her family to Canada when she was 3 years old. Much is not known about her family and childhood days.

Bojana is the founder of Eleven Wellness Center,  she is also a writer and worked on 2009 television series “TVWWW”. She is blessed with two kids, Olivia Weatherly and Liam Weatherly.

Bojana Jankovic and husband Michael Weatherly
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In 2003, Bojana Jankovic completed her Bachelor of Science/Biophysics degree at University of British Columbia and proceeded to complete her Master’s degree in Experimental Medicine and Oncology in 2005. She was able to receive the British Columbia Margaret Peterson Award because she was very good in her studies.


Now, Dr. Jankovic does not work at a hospital but previously interned at the Cedas Sinai hospital in 2011 and in 2014, worked as internal medicine physician at the same hospital.

Later, she became the advisory committee for Healthy Child Healthy World and also worked as member of the American Medical Association and America Health Association.

Dr. Jankovic
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Before detaching herself from the doctor field, she was engaged in many health related activities and campaigns. Currently, she is known for writing popular series namely, “TVWWW” and “Do Not Leave Me With Strangers”.



I’m sure you are wondering what the net worth of a doctor married to a popular actor amounts to but publicly, the net worth of Bojana Jankovic has not been revealed therefore unknown. Moreover, if she is married to a star who’s net worth is estimated over $45 million, then she sure is living a lavish life.

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