A nurse and TikTok user by the name of Olivia_Tylerr33 is facing backlash from people on social media as she posted a video after the death of one of her patients on TikTok.


Olivia Vanderford posted such a video on her TikTok on June 17 saying it never gets easy after you lose a patient. People gave mixed reactions to the video but the majority of them criticized it saying she posted that video on her TikTok to gain more likes.

Who Is Olivia_Tylerr33 On TikTok?

Olivia Vanderford is a medical nurse from the United States who posts medical-related videos on her TikTok account. Doing so, she earned more than 140 thousand followers and 1.7 Million likes.

One of her recent videos on TikTok was criticized heavily on the internet because she posted her reaction after losing a patient, which seemed unethical to most people online.

Following that criticism, she has either deleted or deactivated her account as the link that should land on her TikTok account says “Couldn’t find this account”. Many people said that she is posting such stuff to gain more likes and popularity on TikTok which might not be true.

Nurse Olivia Vanderford Faces Backlash


It never gets easier is the TikTok post that the nurse made on June 17 under the username “olivia tylerr33.” The video spread quickly online, and many comments expressed sympathy and the difficulties facing healthcare professionals.

Some claimed the content was insulting to the deceased’s family members in addition to being attention-seeking. Others, however, have questioned if the patient genuinely passed away or whether the film was merely based on fiction.

Patient Death Video Viral On Reddit

Olivia Vanderford said that it was her genuine reaction and she wanted to show the various stress that a medico had to face during their working shift. This was one of the stresses that had to face while working as a nurse.

There were a variety of opinions, with many questioning the choice to set up a TikTok video in such a circumstance. Even though the video has been out for a few weeks, it has recently gained fresh viewers after being posted on Twitter and Reddit.

Olivia_Tylerr33 Age and Instagram Presence

Olivia Vanderford hasn’t revealed her age yet. Right now, she has disappeared from the internet deactivating both her TikTok and Instagram accounts. However Judging from her appearance and the job she does, she can be somewhere in her early 30s.

It’s never easy to handle fame on the internet. Everything that a person does will be examined and later criticized by others on the internet. She could have posted that video to express her emotions with her followers but the internet looked at it from another angle.

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