Pearl Ozaria is one of three women who assaulted a restaurant worker in Bel Fries in New York City. The women rampaged onto the restaurant by throwing everything around them towards it.


Video footage shows three women who attacked Bel Fries in Manhattan after a feud with the restaurant worker over an extra sauce. The women were having fries when they asked for an extra sauce.

However, the waiter requested them to pay an additional $1.75 for the sauce as it was restaurant policy. But then, the women went rampage and started attacking the restaurant counter. They threw stuff toward the restaurant and continued doing so for a few minutes.

Who Is Pearl Ozaria NYC? A Woman In Bel Fries Assualt Video

The New York Police Department confirmed the names of three women, Pearl Ozaria, Chitara Plasencia, and Tattiyana Johnson.

No further details about these people are provided at the moment. They seemed pretty aggressive in the video and they were destroying the restaurant’s property as if it was a sport. The one initiating the attack is believed to be Pearl Ozaria.


The 27-year-old along with her two friends went to Bel Fries to get some fries. But they wanted an extra sauce at the same rate, which no restaurant could do. So, the waiter asked for an additional $1.75 but they refused to pay.

As a result, they destroyed the whole place.

Is Pearl Ozaria Arrested? What About Her Friends?

Pearl Ozaria, along with two other friends have been arrested by the New York Police Department.

The Police didn’t give many details about those women. One of them is Pearl Ozaria who is 27 years old. The other two are Chitara Plasencia and Tattiyana Johnson who are 25 and 23 years old.

We will update you more about them soon.

A Victim Of The Assault Has Been Hospitalized: What Happened?

An employee of Bel Fries has been hospitalized for head injuries.

As per sources, she had been hit by one of the objects thrown by the women who were carrying out the assault. Their current charges remain unknown but it might be the destruction of property among others.

Fortunately, the victim is currently out of any danger. But she had suffered a concussion.

News like this is already a bad thing, but people around were busy filming the scene rather than helping the employees to get out of danger, Another employee implied in an interview.

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