Schoena Strudwick, Jason Strudwick Wife, is a Gorgeous woman and a proud mother. To know more about her and her emotional Fertility journey, stay intact with us till the end.

Schoena Strudwick, Jason Strudwick Wife, is a wonderful woman. She is a very supportive wife to his Ex-NHL player husband Jason Strudwick and an affectionate mother. She is also an active social worker.

She is a very kind and sensitive woman. She and her husband have raised three beautiful kids together. They have gone through various ups and downs together in life.

Schoena husband has been an NHL player for 13 years before retiring the last April. He has played for the Islanders, Canucks, Blackhawks, and Rangers. Jason was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

He had left Edmonton at the age of 18 to pursue his dream of NHL.

What Is Jason Strudwick Wife Schoena Strudwick Age?

Schoena Strudwick might be in her late ’40s by age. Schoena Johnson was born and raised in Elk Mountain, Wyoming, with a population of 109, having one paved road and three surnames: Johnson, Jones, and Palm.

She spent most of her childhood chasing after her two older brothers, looking after pigs, and projecting rifles.

She had a simple childhood spent in a western state of the United States by the Rocky mountain range.

She had first met her husband Jason Strudwick in Chicago when they both were pretty busy with their lives. The couple started Dating in 2003 and got married in July 2006.

Schoena Strudwick Wikipedia Unveiled

Schoena Strudwick is currently short of any private Wikipedia pages; however, numerous articles associated with her lifestyle may be discovered in various news portals and websites.

Strudwick is a proud mother to three beautiful children. She had to face the infertility issue, which eventually led her to adopt her first child Kane.

When the couple found out that the infertility was in Schoena and not Jason, they created their second child Marley through egg donation.

Are YOU supporting the @StolleryKids ?? If not join the cool kids club! #thedonordifference

— Schoena Strudwick (@SchoenaS) September 11, 2015

Their third child, Drew, was conceived naturally after several failed attempts of IVF and medical treatments, which were baffling news to the doctors as well as Jason himself.

Apart from enjoying the proud motherhood, she owns a maternity shop named “Yo Mama Maternity Boutique” in Edmonton, Canada.

It is the maternity and nursing fashion store for the mothers during their entire pregnancy and after having the baby.

Jason Strudwick’s wife is also a social worker. In her leisure time, she raised funds for a charity called Stroller. Stroller Women’s Network is a charity organization working for the welfare of women.

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