Learn about Who is Simon Belgard Beat The Chasers?

Simon Belgard took part in the ITV show, which is based on the hit ITV show “The Chase,” in which competitors compete against a panel of quiz whiz Chasers.

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Simon selected to face four out of a possible five chasers for £40,000, who had 48 seconds to answer their list of questions, with 60 seconds on his clock.

Simon demonstrated his quizzing skills on themes such as film, geography, and history after passing on questions about Dr. Who and drinks.

The chasers were eventually defeated by the OGA communications manager, who stumbled over questions on the Old Testament and the Renaissance, with one chaser incorrectly referring to Donatello as a “sculftor” rather than a sculptor.

Simon Belgard Net Worth: Income Explored

The primary source of income of Simon known to be us is from his job at the Oil and Gas Authority. He has been working professionally for quite some time now so he might have earned plenty.

Even though Belgard has not revealed his exact net worth to the public yet, his estimated net worth is said to be over £ 500,000.

However, this information is not yet confirmed by Simon himself.

Simon Belgard Wikipedia: Career Explored

Unfortunately, Simon is not listed on the Wikipedia page. however, he is available on LinkedIn where he has provided some important information about himself.

Simon first started his professional career as News Reporter for Sunday Express in October 2001 and worked there for a year and a half.

He then worked as a Journalist for Daily Mirror in 2003 and worked there for over 9 years.

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After resigning from Daily Mirror, he worked as Media Relations Manager for London Borough of Westminster in 2012 and South West London and St George”s Mental Health NHS Trust in 2013.

He worked in the same position for the Competition and Markets Authority where he worked for 5 years from October 2014 to January 2020.

Simon is currently working as Senior Comms Manager for Oil and Gas Authority since 2020.

Simon Belgard Age: How Old Is He?

Simon seems to be a little secretive when it comes to his personal information like his age as the manager has not yet revealed his exact date of birth to the public yet.

However, looking at his pictures on the web, he seems to be in his early forties but this information is not yet verified by Simon himself.

Simon Belgard Partner: Who Is He Married To?

Simon has not mentioned his wife anywhere on the web as the manager does not have a legitimate social media account available to the public.

Hence, no authentic information about his wife was available.