Tally Berry, who goes by her monicker @Tallyberryyy on social networking sites, is an Instagram model, TikTok celebrity and content creator.


She is very popular on social media, and the numbers do not lie. Her TikTok account has over 390K followers and 3.7 million likes on her videos. Similarly, On Twitter, @tallyberryy has 191.4K followers.

Moreover, her Instagram followers beat both her TikTok and Twitter followings as she has gained 522K followers in such a short time. Due to her luring figure and cute smiley face, she became quite popular among internet users.

Who Is @Tallyberryyy On TikTok? Meet The Social Media Star

Tally Berry, aka @Tallyberryyy, is a TikTok celebrity and star famous for her hot looks and sweet smile.

She overexposes her body in all her videos, which could not sit well with some people, making her posts and uploads look a little NSFW. Moreover, she is an adult entertainer and is active on OnlyFans.

The model shares all her exclusives and adult contents on her OnlyFans account. All her other social media accounts, such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, are all decoys so that she can lure her viewers into subscribing to her OnlyFans account.



According to some media reports, she is an avid pet lover, which could be true. However, there is not a single post on her accounts where she showcases her love for pets. Besides, Berry has black hair and a pair of green eyes.

She began her career on Instagram by uploading provocative images of herself. It goes without saying that such content or uploads receive a lot of clicks and views on the internet. She currently has hundreds of followers across all of her social media platforms.

@Tallyberryyy aka Tally Berry Age in 2022

Tally Berry (@Tallyberryyy), a social media personality, turned 20 this year. Again, her age is an understatement for her talent. She has amassed thousands of followers on her social media, which is absolutely incredible.

Even if some disagree with her approach, everyone must abide by the fact that there are no set guidelines for becoming a social media celebrity. Everyone has their own set of skills, and they have all the right to flaunt them as they like, as long as they are not troubling anybody.


@tallyberryy And Her Instagram Bio

Tally Berry began her voyage to be a social media model on Instagram, and she has 522K followers, to no surprise.

Her Instagram bio says, first her name “Tally,” then it goes, “Art.” After that, she claimed it was her only Instagram account. Similarly, her Twitter and TikTok bios have the exact phrase, “Only Twitter account.”

@Tallyberryyy TikTok has 522K followers on Instagram ( Source : instagram )

Additionally, the Instagram bio says, “All natural,” however, it’s unclear what she was referring to when she used that phrase. Berry has also divided her story into four parts. Her pictures can be found in the “me” section. It’s intriguing to see “Fan Art,” the second one. All of her fans’ artwork and drawings have been displayed here by her.

But her content is all the same, whether it be Instagram or Twitter; there is no difference at all.

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Tally Berry Has Almost 200K Followers On Twitter, Reddit and More

@tallyberryy has put a label on her Twitter that says “Adult Entertainment Club” Moreover, the Canadian-American model’s popularity has reached Reddit too.

A whole community is dedicated to her name and posts related to her. They are basically her pictures and videos from her Instagram and TikTok.

Tally Berry Social Media links are below:

TikTok tallyberryyy
Instgram tallyberryy
Twitter` tallyberryy

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