Trayce Jackson-Davis Brother Tayven Jackson: Wikipedia Explored 

2022 quarterback prospect Tayven Jackson is the brother of Trayce Jackson-Davis. an American college basketball player of Indiana.

As of now, he has yet to have his biography featured on the official page of Wikipedia. On the other hand, his brother Trayce does have his own page. 

The signal-caller, Trayce is from Center Grove High School in Greenwood, Indiana. He recently announced that he will sign his national letter of intent Wednesday at 3 p.m EST. Reportedly, the signing ceremony will take place in the auditorium of the High School. 

The younger brother of the basketball player had hit a game-winning shot to beat Cathedral in the November 2020 game. Followingly, this will be the only season that Trayce plays like a senior, and Tayven plays as a freshman at the high school level. 


Tayven Jackson Age Details

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Tayven Jackson seems to be 17-18 years old as per his available details. Meanwhile, his exact birthdate is currently missing from the web.

However, as his older brother Trayce is 21 years old, he is probably in his late teens as he is three years younger than his brother.

Tayven started his career at a small age and is already witnessing success in his career. Like his brother, Tayven has made his name for himself in the sports world. As he grows his name as an athlete, he is grabbing a spotlight too. 

Tayven Jackson Family

Tayven Jackson is the biological older brother of Trayce Jackson-Davis and the only sibling in the family.

Though Tayven and his brother didn”t go well with each other in childhood, sports held them together. Sports was something that was upgrown inside the family since he and his siblings were children. 

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Their father, Ray, who played in NFL, coached his children growing up. As per Trayce, their father could be a tough guy and weaved a competitive fabric inside the family. 

As the online portal says, Tayven is more competitive than his brother and sister. The family member describes that Trayce is more laid-back among the two brothers. Tayven has never lacked confidence while Trayce is also a fierce player.