Who Is Texarkana Shaun Paxton Arrested For Killing His Father? Shaun Paxton, a Texarkana man, was arrested for murdering his father and injuring his mother. Everyone in town wants to know who the bad guy is.


Shaun, 42, has been identified as his father’s killer. According to CBS 19, around 1:30 a.m., his neighbor phoned the cops. People contacted them to the 2600 blocks of Skyline Dr. in the early morning, according to Texarkana Texas Police.

At the site, police discovered a deceased man and his wife, who had multiple stab wounds. They took her to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Shaun, their son, was arrested on the spot for murder and serious assault.

Who Is Texarkana Shaun Paxton Arrested For Killing His Father? Explored

Texarkana-resident Shaun Paxton got arrested for stabbing his mother and killing his father.

According to KSLA, police charged him with murder and aggravated assault after a brutal attack on his parents. The investigation team is trying to reason behind this action.

Who Is Texarkana Shaun Paxton Arrested For Killing His Father?
KHOU 11 News Houston talks about the incident (source : Twitter)

The authorities sent Mr. Paxton to Bi-State Detention Center, the son of Michael Paxton, the dead person. The family resides in Texarkana, Texas.

Shaun is a 42-years-old son who brutally killed his parents in ego and power. The culprit has forgotten the love and sacrifices of his parents.

Including his parents, the world remains in shock by his sin. No person has the right to harm their parents as they are similar to God.

What might be the reason behind the incident? Is he addicted to drugs? Well, there is no explanation about the cause of the incident.

Shaun Paxton Father Michael Paxton Dead- Mother Health Condition

Shaun Paxton stabbed his father, Michael Paxton, to death, injuring his mother.

As reported by many sources, the culprit-son stabbed his father with a knife several times, leading Michael to dead. Further, he has injured his mother several wounds.

It was early morning, 1:30 a.m. when the incident occurred. Paxton’s neighbor called the Texas police officers to the 2600 blocks of Skyline Dr. They found an old-aged man dead at the scene.

Texas police on facebook
Texas police on facebook (source : Facebook)

Police sent Micheal’s body for postpartum and his mother to the local Texarkana hospital for further medical treatments. Further, information about the incident is yet to reveal.

It is disgraceful news on the headlines of every news article. How can parents believe in their child if such an incident again happens?

That’s why Shaun needs a punishment if he finds guilty. There is no information about how and when the investigation process will proceed.

Investigation teams are searching the incident hardly for the proper justice.

Shaun Paxton Charges & Jail Sentence

Shaun Paxton should be charged and sentenced to jail for his crime.

Texas police have arrested him on the charge of murder and aggravated assault. He might be in jail for the investigation and queries.

Police Department is on the way to looking over an incident that left one man dead and his son behind bars early Sunday morning. As of now, Paxton is in Bi-State Detention Center, a Texas-related justice center.

KHOU 11 News Huston, a verified account, has shared the news on its Twitter account, revealing the Shaun. He killed his 65-year-old father at home and stabbed his mother several times.

The investigation team will send him in front of the Judge for further hearings. There are still more things to reveal as the investigation is going on.


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