Tfue is a famous Youtuber and gamer. Recently, the gamer was trending all over the web after he announced Katie Dillenbeck as his new assistant. Who is she? Are they dating? Here is what you need to know about the famous duo.


Tfue, an American esports player and streamer, has always been a topic of discussion among fans. Every time he came with some new buzz on social media which left fans guessing. 

This time fans are keen to know the answers to one question, ” Is he dating Katie?’. The American streamer is well known for stealing the limelight. This time Katie has been the center of attraction for fans.

Mostly, people recognize the American streamer for playing Fortnite on Twitch. He started from Twitch, and now he is ruling all the social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Who Is Katie Dillenbeck? Tfue Assistant – Were They Dating?

Tfue revealed Katie Dillenbeck in 2020 as her new assistant. But many fans think that they are dating each other.

The American streamer posted a video on Youtube on February 25, 2020, captioning it as My New Girlfriend. In 4 minutes 49 seconds video, he announced Katie as her new assistant.

Previously, the American streamer was dating Corinna Kopf. However, the couple announced their breakup in the May of 2021. The duo began dating in 2018 and made their relationship public in 2019.


After his separation from Corinna, rumors started about his relationship with Katie. However, the couple is yet to make their relationship public. 

Tfue Real Name Revealed

Tfue is an American gamer and streamer who goes by his real name Turner Tenney. He was born on 2 January 1998, making him 24 years of age in 2022.

The 24-year-old gamer initially streamed games like Call of Duty, Destiny, and H1Z1, but later, he shifted his priority to Fortnite Battle Royal, which was becoming very popular at that time.

The 24-year-gamer is also popular for creating controversies. Once he faced banned from Twitch for making racial comments in one of his streams. Then, his popular account Epic Games got banned as he was found trading Epic Games Accounts.

The Florida-native esports player represented teams like Faze Clan, Rogue, and Denial Esports. However, he parted his ways with Faze Clan after payment and legal issues.

Tfue Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

Tfue’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million in 2022. He is one of the richest online streamers in the world.

The Florida-native gamer is a celebrity figure. He has amassed 10.78 million followers and 299 million views on Twitch. In contrast, he has 11.9 million subscribers on YouTube with over 1.4 billion views.






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