Debt is anything, usually money borrowed by one party from another party. “Who is the person most in debt” may look somehow weird or rhetorical a question but in reality, is not.


The most indebted person in the world is Jerome Kerviel. He is a 44-year-old French trader and consultant who bases in France. He began his tertiary education at the University Of Nantes. Jerome Kerviel graduated from Luminiere University Lyon and was awarded a Masters degree in Finance in 2002. He specialized in the organization and control of financial markets.

jerome kerviel
Jerome Kerviel

After graduating from school, Jerome worked with the French-based company Societe Generale. From a court ruling in October 2010, Jerome Kerviel owes his former employer, Societe Generale, an amount of $6.3 billion. Societe General are the second largest bank in France and has spread throughout all parts of the world.

societe generale
Societe Generale

It was revealed that Jerome has engaged in unauthorized trade He was given a criminal penalty of three years of imprisonment due to breach of trust, forgery and entering false data in relation to the unauthorized trades. He was released from prison in September 2015.

The $6.3 billion debt of Jerome Kerviel is too huge and thus making him the person most in debt. Others describe Jerome as the poorest man in the world.

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