Ashley Turniak’s death has remained a mystery even though almost a quarter-century and her mom is still looking forward to finding out what happened to her beloved daughter that day.


Turniak was a 16-year-old junior at Agawam High School born on the 17th of May 1982 in Feeding Hills, Hampden County, Massachusetts, United States.

However, she knocked on the heavens door on the 9th of November 1998 in Longmeadow, Hampden County, Massachusetts, the United States, with a dream to become a nurse.

Update 2022: Massachusetts Ashley Turniak Death Cause

The 16-years old high schooler Ashley Turniak who lost her life to a tragic incident on the 9th of November 1998, has remained a mystery, and the retired State Police Sgt. Alan Joubert still getshaunted by the unsolved case.

Even after 24 years, Ashley’s cold murder case has remained unsolved, and the suspect who pushed her out of the window of a speeding car was set free; the suspect never got arrested.

It’s even unclear if she jumped off the window herself or if the driver pushed her from the south on Interstate 91 in Longmeadow. Furthermore, the investigators have not released any information about the investigations to the media.

Turniak was a nice and beautiful young girl well-liked by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her, and she wanted to be a nurse one day. However, someone stole her dreams and life, and her mysterious case remained open. So, if anyone has any intel relating to her matter, don’t hesitate tocontactthe State Police Detective Unit at (413) 505–5993.

The Murder Of Ashley Turniak And Mysterious Scenes Explained


Turniak, a junior at Agawam High School, lost her life in 1998 at Longmeadow, Hampden County, Massachusetts, USA, while she left school skipping classes.

The victimhad planswith one of her friends, so she was waiting for her outside the school; her friend was late, and while arriving at the meeting spot, she was nowhere get found.

Later someone witnessed the high schooler go feet-first through the passenger side window of a speeding car; Ashley survived the initial impact but died on the scene shortly after.

Furthermore, the witness said the vehicle was tan or dark blue, but police determined it was a tan/light brown late-1980s midsize vehicle, which could be a Ford Tempo.

Another woman said the driver was male and had olive skin but refused to come forward, fearing for her safety. Her backpack got found in front of someone’s residence on a short dead-end street a few blocks from Exit 49 on Woodlawn Avenue in Enfield.

But as police didn’t know how long the backpack had been there, they never released the intel on the investigations they held during the case. Moreover, as per her mom, she would never get in someone’s vehicle without knowing them; she might have known the driver. Thus, the cold murder case remained a mystery to date.

Where Are Ashley Turniak’s Parents Now?

Ashley’s parents might be living their life with her memories engraved in their hearts; they must have suffered through a hard time moving on in life after losing their child at such a young age.

She lived with her beloved mother, Annette Turniak, at the Pheasant Hill Village condominium complex in the Feeding Hills area; however, no information about her father is available. Moreover, we are unsure if she had siblings or was the only child.

Furthermore, Annette might have given life to another beautiful soul after the loss, or she might have adopted kids to get herself company. However, she hasn’t made any public appearances and has been inactive on social networking sites since that day, yet she still wants to find the answer to what happened that day. Hopefully, they are doing fine, and we hope their life gets filled with euphoria.

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