Who was Natasha Perakov? Ukrainian Fighter Pilot Death Hoax Debunked: Natasha Perakove is the name that is trending all over social media as it is believed that she was a fighter jet pilot from Ukraine and recently lost her life in war. As the conflict between two neighboring nations Ukraine & Russia is not seem to get end we continue hearing and seeing the deaths of innocent people but at the same moment, there are some news and incidents that are motivating and encouraging us and appearing to be the light of hope. For the past few days, some pictures are being circulated on social media that is claimed to be of Natasha Perakove by netizens, find out more information regarding the same headline and know if the viral pictures are of Natasha Perakove or not? Follow More Update On 44bars.com


Who was Natasha Perakov?

News of Natasha Perakove is sending the same vibes just like we got from Ghost of Kyiv and Ukrainian Reaper’s stories. According to some online posts and news articles, she is the first pilot of a fighter jet who lost her life while serving for her country in the war. Now people have been perplexed about if her story is real or fake as recently many individuals have become the victims of fake rumors and misinformation regarding the war.



Is Natasha Perakov Dead or Alive?

Many people are trying to lure views and followers on social media by creating fake news and rumors about well-known faces of both countries that are involved in the war. Natasha Perakove is getting respect and tributes from netizens on social media platforms just like people showed their respect toward Ghost of Kyiv and Ukrainian Reaper. Based on multiple sources she died fighting for her country against the Russian army in the war. Find out if the girl in viral pictures and Natasha Perakove are the same or both are different personalities.


Natasha Perakov Death Hoax

According to the reports we have found that the first lady lieutenant in Ukraine was Nadiya Savchenko and Nadiya was the only woman aviator in the force who used to fly Sukhoi Su-24 and Mi-24 helicopters. And there is no information about Natasha Perakove on the internet which hints that this news is might be fake news or misinformation that is being spread by the netizen. Although, some giant news agencies also claimed that the viral picture was of a model who dressed like a soldier to show her support to Ukraine in the war and now that is being mistaken by the public.

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