Ben Affleck has been dominating headlines as of late but not for the reasons you may think. Sure he may have shocked the nation by reconciling with his former fiancé Jennifer Lopez but it’s his face that had been capturing the media’s attention. While accompanying his new wife at the Grammy’s earlier this year, the 50-year-old leading man appeared to look disinterested and downright bored during Stevie Wonder’s performance of Higher Ground.


Many were quick to speculate what could have been caused, calling into question the legitimacy of his reconciliation with his wife J-Lo as she danced along to the performance seemingly unbothered by her husband’s misery. I mean his face was not exactly the helping sell the marriage many believe to be a pr stunt.

If, like us, you appreciate a good ‘ol meme, you’ll love the fact that Ben Affleck has provided quite a bit of material in that regard! Who can forget the one where he’s frustratingly smoking that infamous cigarette? It went viral and was used and reused millions of times for a multitude of jokes! So when the world witnessed his brief squabble with beau JLO at the 2023 Grammy Awards – everyone knew what was coming next – well, everyone except Ben!

We bet you £10 he was swearing his pants off when he realized the cameras were rolling just in time to capture the wifey scolding him. And speaking of cash, there are quite a few 10 pound no deposit bonuses to take advantage of, in case you wanna make some extra money before placing a bet with your mate. Who knows how soon Benny may put his foot in it again!

Why Him?

While he may have burst onto the scene with his awarding winning film Good Will Hunting, it’s Ben’s frequently distressed disposition that has kept people talking. His viral disgruntled face at the Grammy’s was just one of many occasions where he has been caught looking like he is over it all.

His raw emotions offer a nice departure from the perfectly curated street-style shots popularized by the Kardashians. Ben has been captured on more than one occasion making one of his regular Dunkin’ Donut runs where his face always appears deadpanned and unimpressed juggling his tray of ice coffees and a box of munchkins.


Throughout the pandemic, in the height of quarantine however it was the former Batman’s despondent smoke breaks that brought comfort to many. In such an uncertain period individuals could look forward to the media’s coverage of Ben’s unshaven face in a rumpled sweater smoking through his mask, unamused. It seems that people relate to his authenticity and find it oddly relatable and comforting to see a celebrity while appearing to have it all, still seem sad.

Mysterious Phoenix Tattoo

Back in the summer of 2015, the world caught a glimpse of what would become Ben’s most hotly debated tattoo, his phoenix rising from the ashes. Although the actor first claimed it was fake for a role, when it resurfaced again in 2018 it was hard to deny that it was a drastic and permanent fixture to his back. Following a stint in rehab for his ongoing battle with alcoholism as well as his tumultuous divorce from Jennifer Garner, Ben claimed the tattoo held personal meaning for him.

While his former wife appeared to be offended by the tattoo even J-lo had something to say about its garish design back in 2016 when asked about it during an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. Although both Jens appeared to be less than impressed with his ink, it remains to be seen whether J-Lo will let her man keep it.

Sad Ben

Affleck finally addressed the legions of memes born out of his miserable expression on a recent episode of The Jimmy Kimmel Show while promoting his new movie Air. Setting the record straight, the actor addressed the common misconception that he often appears like he is not enjoying himself by stating that unfortunately, he has a ‘resting sad face’. With that in mind, it appears that sad Ben Affleck won’t be leaving any time soon. Rest assured with every event he will attend we can be sure ourselves in his sad, real, raw emotionless face.

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