Bob Menery is one of the amazing and influential social media personalities on the web right now.

He is a podcast host, caddie, content creator, entrepreneur, and sports enthusiast. Aside from that, he is also known for his friendships with notable celebrities and sports stars.

Thus, his fame has grown gradually throughout the years, and Menery has become an influencer in the U.S.

With him trending on the web most of the days, he came under an accusation of setting up two UFC fighters against each other outside the UFC ring earlier this year.

Why Did Bob Menery And Kyle Forgeard Set Up Colby Covington Against Jorge Masvidal?

Bob Menery, his friend and fellow podcaster, along with his other NELK pals, were together this March.

They had invited the UFC fighter Colby Covington in their joint podcast and were out for a lavish meal at the Papi Steak restaurant in Miami. The good time turned bad when Colby’s rival of that time, Jorge Masvidal, was waiting for him in the street.

The two UFC starfighters got into a physical altercation after their official match, and the news bombarded the internet.

While both of them overcame the situation with few bodily marks, Bob’s name was called out by Kyle in the upcoming podcast session.

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Web Friendly has highlighted Kyle’s part on how Bob had been texting Masvidal during the group’s dinner. Thus, Masvidal could have shown up outside the restaurant that night.

While Kyle put up his theory, he believed that Bob could have set up Colby against Masvidal that night.

As soon as the theory hit the internet, everyone called out Bob for his actions. Meanwhile, Colby and Masvidal had already fought on March 5 when the former won.

The Chaos also took the Fight of the Night award that night. After their streetside brawl, Sports Keeda reports that both parties sought legal assistance for the altercation.

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Bob Menery And Kyle Forgeard Have Shared A Close Friendship

While the incident between Colby and Masvidal seems to have settled down after these many months, Bob and Kyle have continued their friendship.

The two have been close friends for many years and have even ventured together as fellow podcast hosts.

This pair of friends are working together on a podcast, while Bon has joined Kyle’s group, The NELK, many times.

Regarding the set-up accusations, Kyle revealed Bob’s doings from that night. In response to Kyle’s calling out, Bob had clarified that he did not set up Covington, and Forgeard was just joking for fun.

While Masvidal and Colby solved their matter in the police station, Bob and Kyle are still friends.

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Bob Menery Has An Estimated Net Worth Of More Than $1 Million In 2022

Bob Menery is a man of many sources of income on the web, making him a millionaire as of 2022.

He mainly earns from his YouTube channel, which has accumulated more than 114k subscribers and nearly one million views.

Aside from his channel, he has appeared on the NELK YouTube channel with eye-catching content.

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Bob also sells his merchandise through his podcast, “Ripper Magoo,’ adding to his millions of net worth. His works and influence have made it possible for him to travel around the U.S. and meet up with celebrities from various fields.

Thus, his status as a millionaire is quite convincing though he has not shared the details of his wealth to date.

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