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Why Do Most Guys Have Red In Their Beards? Ginger Hair Transformation On Tiktok

Why Do Most Guys Have Red In Their Beards? People are perplexed about the inaccurate hypotheses after seeing TikTok videos regarding Why Do Guys Get Red In Their Beards. Continue reading to find out more.


TikTok is a video-sharing website where new challenges and trends go popular in seconds. This platform, as we all know, has a vast user base, and it was also the most downloaded software in 2021.

Why Do Most Guys Have Red In Their Beards? Ginger Hair Transformation On Tiktok

As previously said, new issues, trends, and memes emerge every day. Now there’s a new question that’s causing a lot of misunderstanding among TikTok users. This is all connected to the appearance of boys with red beards.

There are many videos regarding this topic which has been shared by many people. So, here we will talk about the ongoing confusion.


Why Do Most Guys Have Red In Their Beards?

According to Vice, when someone inherits two mutated versions of the MC1R-gene, less pheomelanin is converted into eumelanin. The pheomelanin gets in the pigment cells, and the person ends up with red hair and fair skin. Due to this reason, guys get red in their beards.

But now, there has been another speculation that is circulating on TikTok. The ongoing TikTok videos claim that the reason some brown-haired men have red hairs on their beards is related to some intimate actions they may do with their partners. 



gonna go start an argument

♬ original sound – Sarah Cortina

TikTok has locked onto the idea that the acid levels in someone’s private part may have the capacity to change the color of their partner’s beard. But there is no truth about it.

Ginger Hair Transformation On Tiktok: What Do They Use?

Apart from the recent question getting viral on TikTok, there is another clip that has garnered attention lately. And it is all about the hair transformation where users share clips of their hair color transformation from black or natural to red which has been described as ginger hair.

@khaby.lame I got you 🤣 #learnfromkhaby #learnontiktok @tiktok #nowar ♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

Besides, a person taking part in this challenge shows their hair, and it appears more red or shiny when they come in front of sunlight. After the video surfaced on TikTok, some of them began asking about the color or product they used to make their hair looks so much red.

However, there has not been announced the product they use. Apart from that, some filters make their hair looks so red. Moreover, we can also be part of the ginger hair trend by sharing the video using #gingerhair. 

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