MONTY DON’s viewers have expressed their “disappointment” and “fume” about the transition to Friday’s Gardeners’ World.


He is a British horticultural, writer, and broadcaster best known for serving as the host of the BBC gardening television program Gardeners’ World.

Why Is Monty Don Leaving Gardeners World?

The presenter of the popular BBC program Gardeners World Monty Don, disappointed viewers after giving some information about it on Twitter.

He has been busy recording during the short heatwave in the UK and has informed his followers that Gardeners’ World will abruptly cease airing. Yesterday evening, he shared the depressing news on social media: “The end of two days (hot) filming for next week’s GW.

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Immediately after, fans asked questions on social media regarding where Monty Don was and when he would return on screens after Friday night’s episode. Monty Don has been the show’s principal host since 2003.

The Floral Marquee was filled with some of this year’s must-have flowers and plants, which Monty turned over to the green-fingered presenters Adam Frost and Arit Anderson.

The show that gained popularity during the pandemic was Gardeners’ World. Monty will likely spend time with his wife and kids, take care of his property, prioritize his health, and write any additional books for his target audience.

Is Monty Don Leaving The Show Due To An Illness -Pruning Gooseberries Host Health Updates

With more than over 20 years history that Monty Don’s show has been on the air, he is a gardening legend. But after he suffered a transient ischemic attack, sometimes known as a mini-stroke, the world almost lost the celebrity. In February 2008, he appeared to have a close call, but it wasn’t recognized as such until he saw his doctor the following month.


Although these mini-strokes usually do not cause death, TIA sufferers are more likely to have another stroke in the future.

A research in the American Heart Association claims that, five to eight percent of ITA patients die within six months.

He was supposed to start his demanding job at 3:45 am on the day of his illness, but the Daily Mail reports that he stayed in bed for a few hours to get rid of the numbness in his arm.

He is still the renowned host of his program despite fully recovering from a mini-stroke. Unfortunately, Don has had a number of close calls.

He also got peritonitis when he was filming Around the World in 80 Gardens.

Where Is Monty Don Now?

In the beginning, Don used Berryfields, a rented garden in Stratford-upon-Avon, to film episodes of Gardeners’ World. Don started presenting from his own garden, Longmeadow, near Ivington, Herefordshire, when he took over as host again in 2011.

So, currently, he must be there with his family. The family relocated to Hampshire, England, when Don was a young child. His parents were “extremely strict,” he said.

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He attended three independent schools, including Bigshotte School in Wokingham, where he was expelled at age seven for being excessively loud, and Quidhampton School in Basingstoke.

He then attended the despised Malvern College in Malvern before moving on to the state comprehensive Vyne School in Basingstoke.

He had grown up to be an enthusiastic farmer and gardener. In his late teens, Don spent several months working as a gardener and playing rugby for neighborhood teams in Aix-en-Provence, France. He returned to England, and after passing the entrance examinations, he entered Cambridge University out of “sheer bloody-mindedness.”

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