Japczan is a famous streamer who is known for sharing miscellaneous content. His channel on Twitch was viewed by over 28,496 per day.


He had a total of 505,634 followers. However, it is sad to announce that the famous Polish streamer has been banned from the platform.

Why Was Japczan Banned On Twitch?

Japczan has been banned from Twitch for violating the platform’s policies. However, the exact reason is still unknown to his followers.

Many have suspected that the streamer has used some abusive words. Subsequently, they note that Japczan could have received multiple reports from netizens around the world. He is also suspected of wishing deaths in donations.

Now, if we try opening his profile under the handle @japczan, it shows a message that reads: ” This channel is currently unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

Some of the tweets suggest that the Polish streamer tried sending defiant and abusive donations to Twitch partners. Thus, violating the Twitch policies and consequently getting banned from the platform.

As far as we know, the streamer has been removed from the platform for an indefinite period.

Twitter And Reddit Reaction To Japczan Sudden Ban


Netizens on Twitter and Reddit have stated the multiple possibilities for banning Japczan.


@adi_nowak_zalno tweets: “Japczan is over party”, ending the tweet with a love emoji.

Twitter user Revo via his handle @REVOtoja tweets: “What is most interesting for Japczan in this bubble is the justification, which we do not know at the moment. If Twitch has followed the drama of Xayoo Industries and made such a decision, then perhaps this is just an introduction to the next bans. But the Japanese might as well be unbanned in a moment and that’s it.”

Another user @LevitandoMente has replied to a tweet made by @REVOtoja. He says: “No Revo Japczan got a ban for not striming. Of course, he got a ban for paying and sending his own debts, this is another twitch of his partner, the only question is whether he took everything on his chest, so Luki is not banned whether there are currently talks between twitch support and XI.”

Who Is Japczan On Twitch?

Japczan is a Polish streamer, who mostly shares about gaming content. His real name is Jakub “Japczan” Piotrowicz.

The Twitch star is also better known with the songs such “Shake” , “Ojciec Z Synem” , and “Twoje Zdrowie”. Some websites also suggest that he had a brief MMA career.

He is active on Instagram with the handle @Japanese girls and has a total of 357 thousand followers. Moreover, he is active on Twitter, and his bio suggests that he is 191 cm tall in height and weighs around 121 kg.

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