James Stein Blue Mountains: Is He Arrested?

James Stein was taken for questioning by the New South Wales police as they searched for the missing 9-year-old. 

However, the wedding event planner was not arrested. Known for owning Wildenstein Private gardens, the missing child attended a private wedding ceremony at the very garden when she disappeared. 

Almost after a week of searching, the police have found the remains of the missing girl in the Blue Mountains. It evidently looks like she was murdered and her step-father-to-be was arrested by the police. 

May the little girl find peace wherever she is. 

James Stein Brother Justin Stein Arrest And Charges 

James Stein has a brother, Justin Stein who is currently charged with murder. 


Justin, who is engaged to Kallista Mutten was like a father to the little girl. The 33-year-old managed wedding ceremonies as a family business along with his brother, James. 

As per the sources, he is currently charged with the murder of the 9-year-old, Carlise Mutten. She was found dead near the Wildenstein Private Gardens in the Blue Mountains. 

More details to follow soon. 

James Stein Family Tree And Net Worth

James Stein’s family owns one of the most famous wedding destinations, Wildenstein Private Gardens. 

According to reports, James has a net worth of multiple millions. However, the millionaire keeps his personal life out of the limelight. Hence, we don’t know any significant details about his parents and family for the time being. 

James Stein Wife; Is He Married?

James Stein is said to be married according to some unknown sources on the internet. 

However, the wedding planner has not shared anything about his wife or children until now. Also, he is not available on social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter. 

However, one can get to know him on LinkedIn. 

Besides, Weldesntein’s Instagram account is quite decorated and has over 1200 followers.