On Monday, June 4, 2022, the Premier League announced that one of its stars had been arrested. The footballer was indicted on charges of raping a twenty-year-old female in Barnet, London. Nonetheless, the player’s identity has not been made public.


Following the sensational news, many of the football stars based in London (typically from Arsenal and Tottenham) have been suspected. Netizens are also aiming at the Crystal Place forward Wilfried Zaha. Was he apprehended by the police on Monday morning?

Was Wilfried Zaha Arrested At Barnet London? Fans Are Worried

Wilfried Zaha could be the unnamed Premier League star who was arrested in Barnet London. This is because many of the suspect’s descriptions match Zaha. However, it is not possible to say until the police name the suspect.

The suspect, as stated in the description, is a 29-year-old football star. He plays at the highest level for both his country and his club, and he is based in North London. The Sun also reported that the incident shocked and disappointed everyone at the player’s club.

Except for the fact that he is based in South London, all of the above mention facts match with Zaha. The Crystal Palace attacker had recently moved to a new seven-bedroom mansion in Surrey.

While a serious investigation is going on fans are worried if Wilfried Zaha is arrested in the Barnet London case.


Has Wilfried Zaha Ever Been Arrested?

Wilfried Zaha has never been arrested or accused of any crimes. Thus, there has been no official news in past surrounding his arrest.

Nevertheless, in early 2020, Zaha was subjected to online racial abuse and the Ivorian filed a police complaint. Following the investigation, a 12-year-old boy was arrested and later released.

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New Updates On The Player Charged In Barnet London

New details have emerged about the accused Premier League star arrested in Barnet.

According to the Sports Bible, the suspect was arrested at 3 am on Monday. Six police cars swarmed his mansion early in the morning.

The player described in the report plays for one of the best Premier League sides. The victim states that the incident happened during a holiday in the Mediterranean. She has also shown the photos of her bruises to the police, which the authorities are still investing in. The suspected player is set to miss the club’s pre-season tour and Premier League matches.

With the ongoing controversial news, netizens have been manifesting a rape case naming certain players that match the suspect’s descriptions. Some of the names that have come out to be are Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, Ben Davies, Lucas Moura, Xhaka and Thomas Partey.

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